This is an excellent question. As is often the case with “excellent” questions there isn’t a decent answer. 

When I was a nurse I had a boyfriend who was extremely debonaire and rather sophisticated. He worked for the BBC so obviously had an Oxbridge degree. Clever and fiendishly good looking he was highly articulate and bought expensive things. I had no idea he was a Marxist until he told me that my father was a fascist. A fact that had completely escaped me for 22 years.

So, obviously I fell out with my father over politics at this point in my life and when I got dumped for a “proper” Socialist I reverted to being in a loving relationship with my father again. Poor dad. His sin was voting for Maggie Thatcher. I hated her for all the obvious reasons at the time but cant really remember what they were, now I come to mention it. 

Looking back, Maggie was an inspiration; Major was dull but conscientious; Tony Blair (I voted for him) was the most successful Labour PM ever; Brown a nightmare; Cameron “call me Dave” a smoothie; Theresa May an automaton and Boris a “big on ideas, short on details” kind of guy. 

I actually like Boris. Not a having-round-for-dinner sort of “like” or a restraining-order sort of idol worship of Boris. I’m more in awe of his boundless energy and now, update time, on how he has managed to continue to run this country having teetered on the brink of death only last year. Not only has he run the country during his recovery but he has delegated brilliantly. Kate Bingham and vaccines is the big number. Awesome and brilliant. This will be his legacy. Some criticise him for too much lockdown, others too little. Only time will tell. For my part, I believe we are at the start of this pandemic, not the end. It’s the 5 year picture we will look at to decide who fared best. My powder is dry.

Brexit motivated me. I can’t deny that. Honestly, I was a bit reluctant about leaving when I considered the upheaval that would ensue and what I saw as huge uncertainty. But I duly ticked the Leave box and can honestly say I am proud that I did. There are problems, I know. Northern Ireland is one we can’t ignore and political scalps will pile up on that one. To be fair, the EU created the problem and we will have to show them how it can be fixed. They just don’t have the skills. I also felt sorry for Remain voters. I understand their sense of disappointment having watched every International football match that England has ever played. 

When I was asked to stand in Winchester for Hampshire County Council I confess to not really knowing what I was agreeing to. Overturning a 15% majority has no recent historical precedent so expectations are fortunately low! There are aspects of this campaign that I have hated and moments when I have wanted to retire. Speaking to people on the doorstep has been the best bit.

The one legacy of this election for me will be change. By that I mean urgent change and reform. Unlike other candidates I do listen to people on the doorstep and their message is loud and clear. NO MORE LEAFLETS. So I am going to find a way of sparing every citizen of the UK the tsunami of un-recyclable garbage that is thrust through their doors by political parties.

What really gets me is that all parties sign up to a “green agenda”. Top of their list is planting trees. Need I continue this line of reasoning?…

So that’s it. With a career as a nurse behind me (and now in front of me as a vaccinator) a barrister and mediator means that I have always dealt with the general public who remain a godsend. I speak honestly and call out the baddies. With my head well and truly above the parapet I spend my life getting shot at.

It’s OK, I’m used to it.


Nurse. Barrister. Mediator. After All That, Why Politics? Super User